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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is Statistics?

 According to the oxford dictionary (third edition 2002) statistics can be defined as either the study of information based on number of things or as any piece of information expressed as numbers.

Why are Statistics important?

Statistics is important to any country, institution or organization because not only are they the main instruments used in the development of policies but they also provide a platform as far as planning for any future activities are concerned.

What type of Statistics does the BOS produce?

Currently BOS produces population, demographic, import, export, inflation and GDP and Labour force statistics.

Which types of Surveys are conducted every year?
The standard surveys conducted every year include the Labour Force Survey (L.F.S) which is conducted quarterly; Visitor Exit Movement Survey (VEMS) is conducted daily at the Airports; Consumer Price Index (C.P.I) which is conducted monthly.
How often is a Census taken?

A Census is conducted every ten years.
What is the periodicity for updating the current data?
The contents of the website will be updated as new data becomes available.
What format is the data on the website available in?
Data is available in Excel, PDF, SPSS and Stata format.
Can I request additional data not seen on the Website?
Yes you can! To request further information,
Can I use the data published on this website for reporting or research?
Yes, data can be used for reporting or research but it is strictly prohibited to adjust any figures.
What is the Statistics Law?
Sub-section 1 of Section 9 of the Statistics Ordinance 1965, and the revised Bureau of Statistics Act 1992. It is a legal obligation, under this law, to provide data that has been requested by the Bureau.
Will my information that was given in a survey remain confidential?
Any questionnaire answered is viewed only by a limited number of persons all operating within one department of the Bureau. These have all taken a declaration of secrecy. We are prevented by the laws of Guyana from sharing your information with ANY other agency or person. The law will apply heavy penalties to any of our employees who divulge any information. Our confidentiality rules are very strict.

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